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Need to emphasize both!!

Thanks, Ann! Great article and questions!

I think that the term 'line of sight' should be borrowed and applied as widely as possible in management in general. The field of Management borrows extensively from multiple fields and sub-functions: traditional and emerging (including loads of debt to the military). HR / People / Talent Management (and by extension the sub-function of Compensation and Rewards), has historically been big at such borrowing, and continues in that mode. For example, HR / People / Talent Management borrows and adapts extensively from the field of marketing in the employee satisfaction-engagement-experience-... continuum of constructs.

A central and pervasive challenge of management is how to align resources (human, money, machines, materials, methods, moments, etc.) to deliver on key measures and indicators of ‘Performance’ (however defined). 'Line of sight' mindset and design help to move past the tendency or temptation towards 'Garbage Can' or 'Irish Stew' or 'Mkportonkportor' approach to designing and delivering solutions. 'Line of sight' thinking helps 'keep eyes on the ball' so that individuals and teams can focus and execute to produce the target deliverables in optimal ways and time.

I think that Alignment, Direction, Speed, and Integrity / Quality are among the more important considerations, relative to the original ‘distance to target’ meaning from military settings. When dealing with people at work in particular, there are many possibilities of being massively ‘distracted’ or ‘derailed’ by other factors at play in the micro and macro environment. The employee or team could be a short distance from the target of performance. But that does not guarantee that they will ‘see’ and follow the optimal line to deliver. Human behavior is rather complex in organizations.

Just my quick thought for now. I may 'wake up' later.

Have a Happy Fourth Of July!


Belated thanks for the comment. Excellent points. Human beings are indeed complicated, especially in a setting as rich and multi-variate as most organizations.

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