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I also consider the creep of job "requirements" - many companies seem to default to asking 3-5 years minimum (plus Bachelor's degree) for an Analyst (for example). If they are seriously considering their needs, their role is better positioned as a Senior Analyst.

There are true early-stage startups (still raising capital) that have seemed to rely on hiring younger at lower pay rates and throwing them into any responsibility they can handle, deferring any thought about paying them competitively until later, if ever.

Yet there are well-funded startups that can struggle developing structure... think what happens when a junior recruiter and inexperienced management team combine to fill several dozen staff roles. Yet they're given a blank check to hire and the rapt attention of a thousand applicants for every job.

However - after a ten year economic expansion with solid employment levels, it might just be that everyone is more experienced now. Especially if they got into tech at entry level in 2010-2012.

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