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Woof! What a big can of worms you open with this topic, Ann!

Your observations are spot on target. Having interviewed and investigated hundreds of rich founders in excessive "unreasonable compensation" cases, the myriad common features are pretty obvious. Personal (egocentric) ownership dominates the thoughts and actions of the core creators of the enterprise. Any threat (self-defined, of course) to the founder's unrestricted power brings a personal emotional reaction. Convinced by past success of the demonstrated validated righteousness of their proven sole responsibility for leadership, all challenges evoke indignation. There is no place for rebels in their world, most of the time.

Any rules not originating from TheSourceOfWisdom are highly suspect because they risk loss of complete control. And that just scratches the surface.

Working with founder-led organizations is not an easy task. You must be very careful not o "hurt" the "baby". In this case, patience is a virtue and diplomacy is a must.

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