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As long as resistance to admitting the frequency of failure remains a reality at most enterprises, I see little risk of "overkill" from humorous celebrations of blunders. Any mere gesture that publicly demonstrates that failure is permitted seems to be an improvement over the status quo blindfolded resistance to admit the possibility of error at most employers.

I've written elsewhere previously about "the Giraffe Award" presented by the CEO at a big annual meeting of all key employees where the award goes to someone who stuck their neck out the farthest on a project or venture that didn't work. The firm (a household name) did not SEEK failure, but they went to great extremes to prove that refusing to make a decision is more risky than boldly taking your best shot in a life/business where there are no guarantees. Courage was celebrated, and the resolve to try hard regardless of the outcome was praised. Affirming organizational support for those who act based on the Best Available Data is what counts, regardless of how you recognize it... with a pink boa, spotted giraffe, purple hat or lavender coat.

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