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Very well said.I am also wondering to all that question what job?In Helsinki Finland many of business are focusing on customer to get a satisfaction and turn in into loyalty but i have also some question in mind is that enough well very good article,Thanks.

I love Clayton Christensen's work - thank you for bringing him to this forum. Great piece; I would just alter the question a bit. Perhaps start with, "For what job is the manager hiring the PAY to do," rather than the structure. We might be surprised by the answers. I've talked with plenty of managers who would love to see structures go away, yet none would be willing to let go of the pay they can offer their employees. Taking the question to that level might help us craft more effective structures that are better received by our customers.


Thanks for your comment!


I like your suggested reframing of the question. Agree that this could generate some interesting - and even surprising - answers.

Thanks for weighing in!

Copy that. I can do this job s, but the way my brother describes doing tech support on the phone with idjits on the other end sounds like hell on earth.

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