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Very interesting musings, Ann. I guess my one concern would be the extrinsic motivation (aka rewards) being a frontrunner in 'asking' employees to be something different. Of all things, it would seem that a shift in being would by and large be intrinsically motivated through things like autonomy and purpose (yes, a Pink reference), along with an underlying shift in culture - values, norms - to enable and sustain the mindshift. The rewards would need to align with the shift (and so in that sense, yes, the programs would likely look different), yet in my opinion the rewards should not be the driving force of the shift.

Understanding and respecting your customers is key. There are a handful of companies that go out of their way to help their customers. However, when you do this you create a strong company and attract people who want to work for you. You attract great people to represent your vision. Nice job!

That's a good and rather unusual approach to customers. I like it actually, it is a very interesting one.
Thank you for sharing your experience and providing new ideas!

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