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The math is terrifying. Two years ago, the average family medical premium cost was $13,871 and that is way over the 9.5% limit on total household income. One would need to earn over $146,000 before the average health premium would remain under 9.5% of their income. In a year or two, the average health premium for family coverage will exceed the federal minimum wage level. People earning $50K would have to see their health coverage premiums drop by two-thirds to even approximate the required cutoff level before penalties are levied. And that is to meet the threshold for a single-earner household.

Will employers be forced to spy out spousal income to manipulate their own coverage levels to supply the optimal mutual protection? Will they just bite the bullet and somehow still subsidize premium coverage despite Federal penalties for excess employee protection levels? Should it be national policy to discourage family-friendly benefit practices by employers?

Maybe this should be another blog.....

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