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This is an excellent blog entry and analogy between the human biochemistry and human psychiatry at it relates to single-minded talent and pay interventions in complex organizations. This is where pharmaceutical research scientists and compensation professionals are paid the big bucks for their artistic research and applications that generate the next level of workarounds that produce a major drug breakthrough or a new target for team productivity. Let's take it to the next level of targeted outcomes with non-simplistic but easy to understand total rewards compensation packages. We're still advocates for equitable employee base pay plans but with compensation dollars still tight, it is time to reward the productive employees that have an owner and customer-minded approach to their work contribution. Blair


Thanks for your thoughts. Are we paid the big bucks? Perhaps a comparative analysis between the pay of comp professionals and the pay of pharma research scientists is in order, given that we're working on analogous things...

Ann, thanks for the excellent post. Fairness and equity are words we often hear in the payroll software industry and the intersection of human behavior and compensation is such a fascinating subject. Technology can't solve problems around performance and motivation, but I believe that good software tools can remove the administrative burden around compensation/payroll and allow HR professionals to address the complex issues you describe in your blog post.

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