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Ann - I certainly see your point, and we do hear similar grumbles occasionally from our members. The good news is that some of the survey data providers are working to get better.

Case in point: WorldatWork has been trying for a couple of years to get a common long term incentive (LTI) valuation methodology across a number of survey providers in order to give practitioners an apples-to-apples comparison of LTI values.

We are making progress; several vendors have stepped forward to work with us to implement the common methodology we've developed with practitioners. I think it's going to happen in the 2012-2013 cycle.

More information about our LTI initiative here: www.worldatwork.org/LTI

Ryan Johnson, VP Publishing & Community, WorldatWork


I imagine you do hear this as well. I hear it a lot - this is really a vent on behalf of my clients.

There are some very high quality, highly dedicated survey providers out there who clearly invest in keeping their products fresh and up to date. This rant is not directed at them; its a tough business and we all appreciate their efforts and the superior products they provide. But there are others who appear to have decided to just coast out as far and long as they can. Perhaps those are simply business decisions in a tough environment, but they sure don't make it easy for people who are still participating in and purchasing their surveys.

There is an undeniable churn happening in the world of surveys. Jim Brennan wrote an interesting post about it at the Cafe-


WorldatWork's LTI valuation initiative is an interesting venture, one that I know many are watching with hope that it will lead to consistent and comparable methodologies and data. Thanks for sharing the information about it here - and for your comment!

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