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I think that is wrong for what Zappos is doing. I hate the fit to the unique culture _rap, I want to say a bad word, but I won't. I have worked for companies who did the same thing and end up having to leave after awhile for not being to keep up with thier "standard's" I am out of words over this. Thank you for the article.

nice idea !

This is an interesting concept, and if it works to keep the right people and get rid of the bad apples with the bad attitude, why not? The company probably saves themselves a lot more money in the long run by creating an easy out for employees who don't fit in.

Sure, I agree with the poster above about 'company culture' and having to fit in, why create a 'popular clique' feeling at the workplace but I think this is more about keeping employees who love the company and want to do a good job.

It's a home run for all. Cool idea, I'm reposting on our Twitter feed @jpatrickjobs and on https://www.facebook.com/J.Patrick.Associates

This is certainly very interesting. If only this wouldn't be considered as a labor code violation in my country.

Now this is indeed very interesting. Perhaps I could use this with some employees who showed great potential upon application but just kept slacking since the hiring.

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