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I can't agree with this more - providing new career development opportunities, providing monetary and non-monetary rewards are all important!

It's good to see the numbers riseing again.

Great post again, Ann. I see the first 4 as indicators of restoring/responding to actions taken during the recession. Get back to even, if you will. The last, non-cash recognition, I think will always be perennially on such a list, just perhaps at a different level. People always need recognition -- it's the primary validation that what they do every day is noticed and matters.

Zoe and Bruce: glad to hear they make sense to you.

Derek: Good point - it would be interesting to see the list a few years out, to see what shifts and what doesn't!

well, it is quite intresting what you wrote. my experienc hier in Europe is quite similar. Even the job market has differnet rules. It comes back to a proper talent management - that's it. Keep the employees (and future employees) happy.

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