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Hmm .. very interesting. I imagine that I could use this as a way to hire people in the future for my own company. :)

Thanks a bunch. :)

I'm still waiting for concierge service... I do get a free computer though! :-)


Glad you found it helpful!


I'm still waiting for concierge service, too. And ... an iPad would be nice! ;-)

Excellent and interesting post and boy, am I surprised by the inclusion of Pet Insurance (very creative).

Would love to get some insight into what are the most used benefits by broad demographic (i.e. under 35 females). If you have the opportunity to share this would be very valuable for those of us whose employee profile skews differently than the typical company.


Glad you found it interesting. I don't - unfortunately - have access to any prevalence of use by broad demographic data. Haven't seen that anywhere - but I agree that it would be interesting, and of particular use to those with a unique employee profile.

Thanks for the comments and thoughts!

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