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Paul is so right. Paying employees a competitive salary is definitely the worst first step in ensuring that they don't look elsewhere for a job.


Always difficult to tell from someone's writing - for certain - whether they are being sarcastic, but I suspect that is the case here. Assuming so, I think you might have misunderstood both Paul's point and mine. Paul is not speaking against competitive salaries, but rather to the notion that you can fix all work and organizational ills by simply throwing money at them. I am simply transferring Paul's point over to the notion of putting too much emphasis on cash compensation (and not enough emphasis on other elements of the work environment and experience) in attempting to impact employee retention.

And if I am misunderstanding, please let me know.

Appreciate the comment.

LoyalNation focuses on rewards and loyalty solutions that emphasize both cash and non-cash incentives. It is our goal that companies and managers come to understand that pay rates and year end bonuses are forms of containment, not rewards. Excellent post.

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