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I think companies need to take a good honest look at how the team is functioning as a whole. How is the culture? They won't really be able to understand why good people are leaving until they can see the problems they have that caused that person to leave. It will just continue to happen.

HR or Comp staff must take care to present the metrics requested by their managment team. If top executives don't care about a certain metric, you face an uphill battle. Best to involve them in discussing, defining and formatting the desired variables to be studied and reported, to create ownership and buy-in.

Its a funny thing about numbers. They can pretty much represent anything that the user wants them to. More power to HR to help managers understand the issues behind the trends.


Good points ... and I don't mean to suggest that a good metric gets you out of the work of a holistic look at the work environment and culture. As I see it, the metric is just a tool to spot where you might have issues worth further investigation and appraisal.


No arguments here - gathering and presenting metrics that the management team doesn't care about is no recipe for success. At the same time, good to have some ideas and recommendations to present to them for consideration and discussion.


Hence the best-selling book "How to Lie with Statistics", which many of us cut our data analysis teeth on. Our challenge, I guess, is to rise to the occasion and ensure that metrics are used in as systematic, objective and consistent a manner as possible.

Thanks, all, for the thoughts and comments.

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