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Let me be the first to second that motion.

I've long proclaimed that politicians are paid too little for the responsibilities they hold but too much for the results produced.

It's not simply a "pay" thing but a Total Rewards issue, as you so properly observe. Establishing credible metrics on value received and perceived is an initial step. Maybe some day we can even hold Congress accountable for their actions with revolutionary concepts like balanced scorecards, management by objectives or evaluation of their achievement of their pre-announced goals. Campaign platform promises are commonly ignored after election, for example. Lots of work here for our profession, if we have the will to tackle it.


Thanks for the second. It is work that someone should be doing ... wouldn't it be nice if it were someone with actually experience and schooling in total rewards? Do we have the will ... and is it likely we'll even get the opportunity? Good questions.

Congressional accountability? It will never fly... it would have to be passed by Congress... So to answer you question to Jim.. no there will be no opportunity...sadly.


Yeah, yeah. I know. But I can dream, can't I? And try to stir up a little trouble from the cheap seats?

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