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Ann –
Great post. I love your chart too.
I’m not surprised the first two levers on the list (in order of impact?) are management.


Thanks for stopping by - glad that you like the chart! Yes - it is no accident that the first two levers on the list are management-related!

Nice post Ann! There is definitely an over reliance on cash incentives as motivation in the sales field. I find that using a validated values assessment can be a big help in better understanding what motivates an individual sales rep.

I have included your post in my top five blog picks of the week to get my readers thinking about how they are motivating their sales force.

Be well!

Excellent summary! I've seen companies invest good time and money to design and teach their sales methodologies (the top of your first column), but then do nothing in performance management or incentives to monitor and reward the process. So at the heart of the matter is a question companies really need to ask themselves: "Do we genuinely care how our sales people deliver their numbers?"

Issues like this are where the Compensation, OD and Training disciplines should align themselves.

Your thoughts are spot on Ann. Those in sales need more than tweaks to compensation plans for sustain top performance.

I really enjoy this blog. I have used a number of the blog posts as references for my clients. Spot on regarding sales people and incentives. Thanks for the very clear thinking on compensation and for sharing with the rest of us!

Chris Y:

Hey - thanks, always, for the feature in your top five. Always an honor to get the shout!

Chris C:

You're right - there is a lot of opportunity for cross-functional collaboration in developing and refining "total rewards" for salespeople.


Agreed - and yet it's tough to unlearn our knee-jerk reaction to treat everything via comp plan tweaks, isn't it?


How great that you're finding it useful - thanks for letting me know.

Appreciate the thoughts and comments, all!

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