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I don't understand why the government is trying so hard to effectively "trap" employers. How does this help anyone? I thought we wanted employers to hire people, not be put in a position of having to pay huge fines because some DOL employee made the decision that there is pay discrimination within a company. Do they really think the employer will be in a position to hire people after being stuck with fines? It doesn't stimulate the economy if employers chose to offset some or all of the cost to pay fines into their product pricing.

I keep saying - It's no wonder companies are taking jobs acorss the border and overseas.

The dialogue and debate around this issue is healthy and much needed. There are so many pieces to the puzzle (about the 77 cent myth) but what comes first to my mind is a recent article, that I cannot put my finger on but will post if I do, about the effects of paternity leave in the Scandinavian countries. The gap in pay has nearly been closed in those countries where men are encouraged to take leave. With so many single head of familes, the increase in the need for elder care, and the bad economy which makes family care that much more difficult, we might consider strategies to better spread the wealth.

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus. Its the litigation lawyers lobby. They know its easier to rally new litigation laws around a gap of 23 cents than to rally around a gap of 9 cents.


Good post.

This is a tricky question to answer because the prevailing social mores in the U.S. discourage discussion of politics in most social contexts.

But I think the key to understanding this issue is to acknowledge (gasp) that there is a powerful ideological group which is attempting to shift our focus from "equal opportunity" to "equal outcome".

I commend you for bringing the facts of the matter into plain view. When the facts don't matter to those pushing the agenda, their hidden agenda will be in plain view as well.


Interesting factoid about the impact of men taking paternity leave on the wage gap. I'm surprised that just the one factor would have that much of an impact.


Exactly right. That's why it's important to get the truth out there - which is why I wanted to call attention to Stephanie's outstanding post and analysis.


Very good points. How does that saying go? ... we're entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts...

Thanks all, for reading and taking the time to comment!


You're right to note the connection between the additional regulatory burdens we lay on employers and job creation. One hopes that our representatives in Washington won't lose sight of this (but I'm not feeling optimistic...)

interesting publication

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