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This is a pretty reliable survey. Great information you have here. Thanks for sharing. ;)

Kudos for posting this one. Really informative. Keep up the good work!

Hi, Ann,

I have worked in employee benefits for over 25 years and I have never seen this survey used before or heard of the companies that did it. Benefits professionals use surveys from Hewitt Associates and Radford for this type of information. They survey three to four times the number of companies and supply more detail. Many benefits professionals rely on the surveys done by the Kaiser Family Health Foundation, which are of high quality and free.



Both Abbott Langer and ERI have been around a very long time - but are better known for their pay surveys than benefits. I certainly know of the surveys from Hewitt and Radford ... and that done by the Kaiser Foundation. Part of my aim with this blog is to bring free, useful information to my readers on reward topics - not everyone works in a place where they can afford or have access to the kinds of surveys done by Hewitt and Radford. I am not, nor do I ever pretend to be a benefits expert - but I try to call attention to useful information in that field wherever I can.

With that in mind, I also did a post awhile back on no-to-low-cost benefit surveys, which included the Kaiser one....


Wench and INMD - thanks for the comments, much appreciated!!

www.ubabenefits.com-has the largest benchmarking survey available. Go to their website to find a UBA Advisor near you. I believe it's 2.5 times the size of Watson Wyatt, Kaiser, Milliman combined.

Thanks, Julie. Readers, please note that the UBA survey is not free - $1800 or $900 if you work through a UBA advisor - but probably a good value for the money if it is in fact bigger than the others.

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