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According to the Student Placement Directors I have known... although there may be wonderful consistency to the top rates offered to the top grads... most of the “offers” reported to NACE always were delivered to a tiny percentage of all graduates. Most graduates actually accepted starting rates far below that offered by dozens of bidders to the top 10%. So I remain a skeptic… suspect their numbers for “average offer” still remain badly skewed to reflect the cream of the crop v. “the average grad.”

But what do I know?


Interesting. I have used NACE data through the years and without a good alternative against which to check its data, it has performed satisfactorily for me. In fact, a few clients have challenged me that some of the averages for technical fields, like engineering, seemed low in comparison to what they were finding in their own recruiting efforts.

Anyone else got a perspective to lend on this?

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