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It amazes me how many people (who should know better) are always searching for that elusive "silver bullet." If there was one right answer, we'd have figured it out a long time ago and everyone would be doing it. The "right" program depends on many individualized factors and must be determined by every company.

That's why it's so scary, because so many folks either don't know about or don't seem to care about the process by which you properly isolate and select your optimal (and usually unique) solution for your situation. Instead, they simply demand the secret answer that will get them off the spot when challenged by their top management.

Very well said Darcy.. I agree..

Thanks for the interesting post. Keep up the good work!

Darcy and Jim:

It's true - no wonder the market always seems to be ripe for the next slick answer peddler. The silver bullet may be the easy way out, but it certainly isn't the most interesting or satisfying! Stretching ourselves and our capabilities in "the process" is how we develop our own talents and how we deliver the best value to the organizations we serve.


Thanks for the comment - and for reading!


In my opinion, One of the greatest challenges facing today's compensation professional is in locating objective and authoritative information about the field. They too frequently encounter well known consultants who use their talents, not to clarify complex situations objectively and to suggest a number of solutions, but to cleverly distort them to support the use of their current pet idea which they just happen to have based their consultancy on. Competency based pay is a good example.

Other times, young professionals encounter groups of "experts" one of whose primary purposes seems to be to cross sell and blindly support each other's services, blogs, careers, and employers products, under the guise of furthering the development of the profession.

May I leave you with this thought: Are we part of the problem or part of the solution? Let's not be too quick to blame others for the "poor slob who just doesn't get it," when we may be partially to blame.



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