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In reading through all of the commentary in this and previous posts, the phrase "equal pay" is consistently used versus, say, "pay opportunity" as might be represented by a traditional description of a "salary range" for a job. It would seem to me logical that the notion of a salary range would have to go away in the name of simplicity; otherwise, a multiplier of complexity remains and has not been discussed in considering the issues.

Alas, with the current status of government versus the people and private enterprise, I fear we are facing the scorpion offering us a trip across the river where the promise of no biting will be broken because that is what they do. We are, after, all wrestling with an entity that is comfortable with such concepts as a "rebuttable presumption of reasonableness."

Thanks for a thorough discussion demonstrating all this is no more clear or settled than in the early 1980's.



Thanks for weighing in. In most of the equal pay cases I'm familiar with, the concept of a salary grade/range wasn't challenged. But your point is an interesting (scary?) one. And I appreciate your last comment - this issue definitely remains on the table and will or must - at one point or another - be addressed. It concerns me that our profession seems to be paying little attention. Perhaps, since the issue has been with us for decades, we are all just weary of the conversation.

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