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Sounds like you may take a rather "male" approach to compensation discussions, focusing on clarifying factual understanding versus exploring emotional context, probing attitudes, reflecting feelings and resolving issues. Guys tend to emphasize TELL versus RESOLVE forms of communication process.

Sometimes the process determines the product. How you do it influences what you do and how successful the output result. Any difficult issue requires talking points that monitor the process and flex with the feedback encountered, I'd expect.


You're right, I guess - that it is a "male" approach on the factual versus emotional spectrum (although I sure don't like to think of it that way ...) I recognize the importance of process - but I don't think I have traditionally offered strong coaching to my clients in that area.

Thanks for the thoughts!

What is a weakness in a man is frequently a strength in a woman, and vice versa. Any gender-specific sensitivity to "process" you have is BOUND to be stronger than the average man's sensitivity to feelings and emotions, while your ability to "talk guy" will be infinitely superior to the usual man's ability to "fem-speak." When most guys are essentially tone-deaf to emotional content in business transactions, any imbalance you admit to will never be noticed by them. They will find your viewpoints cogent and perfectly sound, while you may find that your female-led clients are tougher to land and hold. Unless they are headed by similarly tough-minded women, of course.... (and everyone... PLEASE realize I am using terms very loosely here, in due deference to my good pals at the NCPE).

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