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Thanks for highlighting the case study!


Great info, thanks! It seems like too many exec packages include these 'No matter what happens, even if we fire you for destroying our core business with a slew of poor decisions, or have only been with the company a month before we get acquired and you get laid off, you get set up for life,' kind of deals. I'm surprised it took a financial meltdown for people to catch on that these kind of incentives may send the wrong sort of message.


You're welcome - a great idea and nicely executed! Hope it brings good things your way!


It is kind of amazing, isn't it, that incentives and arrangements like these managed to pass muster in such prominent organizations. Ah, hindsight.

Ann, I always read your updates because I always get something out of them. I appreciate you getting this out to the community, it is a great resource.

Nancy Hess


Thank you... and thanks, by extension, to Diane. It is a great resource!

Keep in mind that many of these golden parachute packages are not "incentives" or "rewards" for Great Things Done but simply bribes, kiss-off hush money or payoffs to continue to keep thy mouth shut lest you lose millions still invested in Company stock. Open the closet and release all the skeletons, stock crashes and you lose your childrens' legacy of infinite wealth. It's usually quite effective in keeping a bad situation from getting a lot worse.

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