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The idea that one who presided over large-scale gifting is considered best suited to judge exec comp is revealing, in itself. As I posted over at the WorldAtWork Public Policy blog earlier today:

Generalities abound, but no specifics and no input from compensation people at any level that I could see. Get Fred Cook, Bud Crysal, Jay Schuster, etc., involved and you might see some meaty common sense. So far, all I see is academics, SEC types and pet attorneys spouting platitudes and engaging in gesture politics.

Let me see, President Obama campaigned on a platform of greater transparency in the federal government, and his new pay czar wants more transparency in compensation decisions.

But President Obama has appointed a record number of "czars" to bypass the regular transparent process for selecting government leaders.

I guess the lesson is "Do as we say, not as we do!"


True, true, all true. And, as you say, quite revealing.


It would seem that way, wouldn't it?

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