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Your posts on this subject are thoughtful & crisp. I worry about government's overreach, but I also worry about inertia and inequality. I'm glad we can agree that no one wins when we tolerate discrimination. We're arguing over the fix, which is progress IMHO.


I think we likely have a fair amount in common on this issue. I do believe that discrimination exists - and for that reason I agree that there is a place for dislodging the inertia in addressing it. My years in compensation work have taught me well to respect the law of unintended consequences when we tinker with rewards - and my worry about government overreach here is that we are willing to ignore all the possible unintended consequences in favor of dislodging the inertia. I also believe that a lot of the wage gap is due to non-discriminatory factors (for example, women's choice of occupations) - and if we really cared about improving women's pay lot, we would be devoting as much attention to these as we are to the pursuit and punishment of employers.

As you say so well, I think most - if not all of us - believe that wage discrimination is unacceptable, and our only disagreement is over the best fix.

Thanks for weighing in!

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