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Ann -

Can you throw together a post with cut and paste with the "compable worth" language as it existing before with more depth on what you thought that meant for us in the field? Nothing fancy required, I just think that would help a lot of us in the field...

Thanks - KD


Great idea. Will do - and will try to get it up later today.

Although I too have concerns about how Congress will trample open market pay practices, there are legitimate points to "comparable worth" that are obfuscated, ignored and distorted by most self-anointed authorities. No CW advocate has ever advocated some universally imposed single job evaluation plan; that's a garbage red-herring argument.

Since you appear to be a "self-annointed" authority on comparable worth please tells us the legitimate points of comparable worth that are obfuscated, ignored and distorted. As a generalist, not a comp expert, I would like to know. And then explain to me how you would expect the DOL and EEOC to administer such a program without screwing it up with same efficiency the government runs other programs with.

Anointed by Congress and Labour Canada, to be precise, back in The Day, co-author of NCPE's Job Evaluation as a Tool for Pay Equity Handbook, etc. When the rate of pay can be statistically proven to be based on the % of protected class holding the job, after ALL other factors have been accounted for, there is a legitimate issue. Nevertheless, I don't expect DOL, EEOC or any federal or state agency to ever be able to administer any competitive pay program efficiently. Thus, I abhor their over-activism like anyone else would, while acknowledging that employers routinely over-gloss their own systemically discriminatory pay systems.

Jim and Mike - Thanks for the comments. More on comparable worth to come as I compose a post on the topic in response to KD's request. Stay tuned...

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