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As we discussed in person. The Perpetual Paperwork Act. Guess we have to wait for the attorneys to digest it and tell us HR types what we need to do. I have asked Michael Moore to do a post on it. Hope he does.


On WorldatWork blog, Cara Welch said there still might be a chance that Congress could sneak the Paycheck Fairness Act into the bill that lands on President Obama's desk without anyone knowing it. Lets hope that our "transparency" advocates argue for a full vetting of that sibling legislation to Ledbetter.

Paul Weatherhead


Appears that Michael and others are working to address this.


I was out of town most of the day and so caught Cara's post late. That does seem like a bit of a stealth act in our new era of transparency and accountability. Like you, I guess I'll my fingers crossed that the bill will have its vetting in the full light of day.

Thanks, both of you, for the comments here.

The President signed the bill today (without the Paycheck Fairness Act).

Thanks for the update, Dan. Really enjoying your blog!

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