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Not to rain on the parade, but there's nothing new about those proposals. Those are classic old good ideas. What might possibly be new is the slightly better environment today to win approval for such "revolutionary non-traditional" recommendations. In desperate times when targets change rapidly, there is occasionally more willingness among financial controllers to accept such logical reasonable evergreen and open approaches in place of their usual fixation on immutable annual financial metrics.

It is the additional required elements of uncertainty, guaranteed change and loss of control that usually makes those superior approaches repugnant to committees dominated by bean-counters. Real life tends to be messier than a balance sheet.


Real life today is also a tiny bit messier than real life has historically been. And I agree, these aren't earthbreaking new ideas - in fact, I have recommended these to a number of clients in the past for situational reasons (as, I'm certain, have other pay consultants). What's changed is the fact that they are now being raised and considered as a more widespread tactic - a sign of the times for sure.

Thanks for the comment!

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