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Putting their money where their mouth is, cushioning the impact of bad decisions by their peers, sharing the pain of their end users, and making members of the banking team suffer from the sins of the banking team.... I like it. Creates real team spirit via group ownership of the problem, which inspires group action for the problem solutions. Everyone gets the monkey. No sense giving rewards without maximizing the communications message, and this does it pretty well.


Well said - excellent summary. I like it, too!

Ironic, too, that a nation built on secretive bankers doing business in any one of three official national languages can communicate a complex message so clearly and concisely merely through the mechanism of the reward structure alone without needing to rely on feeble words.

Thanks for sharing this Ann, I can't wait to see how this pans out for Credit Suisse!

I've included your post as a bonus pick to my weekly Rainmaker 'Fab Five' blog picks of the week which can be found here: http://www.maximizepossibility.com/employee_retention/2008/12/the-rainmaker-3.html

Be well Ann!


Thanks for including me in your Fab Five - always great to be recognized. Readers, be sure and click through to check out Chris's picks - some great reflections on talent management challenges in these difficult times.

Appropriate strategy. All actions and inactions have consequences.

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