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Advice? Um -- "Drink heavily and recycle?"

I've struggled a bit with the first one, "Don't give financial advice". What do you do when an employee is overly insistence and feels offended when you won't share any financial gems of wisdom?

Or when an employee is about to do something REALLY STUPID like pull his/her life savings and bury it in their yard?

Or when an employee wants to take out a rather substantial loan from their 401k to invest in a time-travel company their nephew told them about?

There's got to be some situations in which it's ok to give out some sound words of caution ... right?


What a great link. At times like these, sometimes all you can do is laugh. (and drink. and recycle.)


Words of caution, maybe. Financial advice (particularly little gems of investment wisdom), I'm thinking no. Because, I would guess (and I am not the expert here, merely sharing advice from those who allegedly are), of a little something called liability. That's my take.

Thanks, both, for sharing your thoughts on the post.

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