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What a terrific job you have done hosting this carnival. I find all the selections to be informative and of the highest quality; I liked them all, though I particularly enjoyed Darrel Gorton's piece on trust and control (your item number 5). Thanks too for adding your own take to the subjects.

I look forward to reading more comments on this blog, and thank you again for doing the heavy lifting associated with putting a carnival like this together.


My pleasure to host! I also look forward to reader comments and thoughts.

Hi Ann

Thank you for including my post here. It was quite a surprise, particularly considering the stature of some of the other writers you have selected.

Great topic for this world we're living in now, and certainly one I hope many people will come across and stop to think about, so thanks for providing that opportunity.

Charles, thanks for your vote of confidence!


You're welcome - great having the opportunity to share such a thought-provoking post!

Hello Ann,

Many thanks for including my post in your Carnival of Trust list! I agree this is such an important issue in all aspects of business and relationship building. I enjoyed reading the other posts!

Steve Miller

Ann -
Thanks for hosting this and for including my post! I just put up a post promoting the carnival:


You're certainly welcome - and thanks for stopping by to check out the rest of the Carnival!


You're welcome as well, and thanks for the plug - we appreciate!



I'll echo the others' sentiments.

Trust is a fundamental issue in our lives and is certainly magnified quickly in the daily workplace give-and-take.

Really appreciate being included. . .

What a unique and interesting carnival theme!


So glad to have you here - I really liked your post!


Glad you stopped by!

Great carnival. I would like to have contributed, but somehow missed this one. Anyway, a recent entry of mine would fit right in:


Love this idea...keep up the great work of informing the masses of these important concepts.


Great compilation. Especially I enjoyed Darren Gorton call to nurture the culture of trust to deter fraud. With the difficult economy driving the urgent need to bring out the best in people (with trust) and reduce the cost (of controls and fraud), there is no better time than now for organiazations to create, develop and nurture the culture of trust and transparency.


Thanks for sharing the link - please keep it in mind for the October Carnival of Trust - more information forthcoming on Charles Green's site.


So well said - thanks for the thoughts. Clearly Darren's post has struck a widespread chord.


Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and posting. I didn't even know you tracked my blog, so this is very cool!

Rebecca Morgan

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