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Ann -

Interesting data, and it matches my experience. In my experience, smaller businesses are more apt not to be locked into policy and procedure, and more apt to keep stars and even average performers by any means necessary. Larger orgs will be more in tune with managing the policy...

Thanks - KD


I would agree with your point, and my experience mirrors yours. Smaller businesses are more fleet of foot and less bound by controls in this area, so they are more likely to take the pay steps necessary to reward and retain employees, particularly those seen as key assets.

Thanks for the comment!

I've worked for several organizations over the past 10 years from 100 people to 15,000 people and I have seen the same thing. Small companies have a lot more flexibility in rewarding high performers and unlike larger organizations, high performers are less likely to get lost in the approval hierarchy.

In larger organizations, I've experienced management that too quickly takes the peanut butter approach where merit dollars are applied thinly across all heads. The end result - high performers who don't feel well rewarded and under performers who are unjustly rewarded. When the difference between a solid performer (3.5%) and an under performer (2%) is only 1.5%, it can hardly seem worth the effort to be a strong performer.


You have a valuable perspective, having been in organizations at both ends of the size continuum - thanks for sharing your thoughts.

It is an interesting phenomenon, isn't it?

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