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Telecommuting only complicates an existing issue of nonexempt employees “working” through their PDAs and laptops. Unless this work is de minimus, it is compensable time under the FLSA. I wonder how many nonexempt employees really use PDAs and laptops at all. I was thinking of the nonexempt job classes that this might apply to and came up with news reporters, inside sales, and some clerical positions. The solution is a simple one: Don’t give nonexempt employees after hours access to computer system. This area has been of some debate in legal circles because the FLSA is anachronistic. See John Hyman’s post at the Ohio Employer’s Blog: http://ohioemploymentlaw.blogspot.com/2008/06/is-flsa-

Thanks, Michael. I was hoping you'd weigh in on this. And thanks, also, for the link to John Hyman's post. I'm going to add a reference to your comment and suggested link to my post itself, to ensure that readers don't miss it!

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