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given the "Vacanza" title, hope you are in Italy because I just finished reading both Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and John Grishom's Playing for Pizza and was in Rome two weeks ago for almost a week.... can't wait until my next trip. Enjoy.

Just returned from Italy June 13, 2008 specifically the Amalfi Coast - Glorious.

Jim and JoAnn:

Sorry for the belated reply to your comments - playing the vacation catch-up game this week (and it's going ugly).

Yes, Italy and yes, Rome. I loved it also, Jim. And, interestingly, my kids brought along both The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons (one had read both and planned to re-read, the other was tackling them for the first time). Since we also spent a little time in Paris, including a trip to the Louvre, it was fun for them to see the places that featured so prominently in the book.

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