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Bravo and Amen! It is amazing how many discussions I have had to have with senior managers about this and they continue to NOT get it. It's like it is embroidered on their brain that exempt salary = cool kids club. Such a pity.


Excellent insights! Suggest that you write a workspan article on the subject, since most people do not see the issues as clearly as you do and many would benefit from your thoughts.



Thanks for visiting and commenting. You're right - this is a tremendous educational hurdle, for reasons I have difficulty grasping. And not just for managers, but for employees who think being made exempt means that, finally, someone has recognized the level and brilliance of their contribution.


Thanks for the thought. A workspan article, hmmm... Perhaps I should give that a go. I've gotten accustomed, via the blog, to writing in short bursts. It's been a few years since I did a full-fledged article. Would have to see if I still have the stuff...


You might want to consider a "Best of Ann Bares" article which includes your insights on several topics---FLSA, broadbanding, and others. The common theme would be something like---starting off on the right foot in dealing with common compensation issues.


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