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I think we need to dig deeper on the stress issue. There are lots of things that can cause stress, among them the expectation that a person is "on call" all the time, being asked to achieve results without adequate resources, etc. But one constant is that lousy bosses cause stress. I've seen teams in the same company, with the same stressors, with very different morale and very different feel. The difference was the team leader.


Agreed! Supervisors have a lot of potential influence over the work lives of their subordinates - and the lousy ones are definitely stressors.

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Another study on similar disconnect between employer and employee at Ryan Johnson's blog

They actually seem fairly close. Since a lot of stress comes from a bad relationship with a manager...

I'd say about 4.5/5 are in line on the top 5. That's better than I'd have expected.


There is a degree of alignment, if we assume that the employers believe - as we do - that managers can be a significant source (or mitigator) of job stress. I thought the biggest disconnect was the importance that employers put on base pay (52% rank as top reason) compared to employees (33% rank as top reason).

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