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Ann, the CEO achieved his position because of his ability in making hypocritical statements with a straight face, thus why he was able to do so in front of the group. :)

Hopefully he has other (better?)qualifications as well!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

This is an incredible post! Brava!

We don't model good supervisory behavior, nor does much of our training even teach new supervisors to identify and use good role models. And we don't hold supervisors accountable for supervisory work.

There's another factor, too. We get lousy supervision because we resolutely promote the wrong people. Since we don't recognize that management is a particular kind of work, we promote technicians to management. It's like selecting golf coaches based on the fact that a person is a great volleyball player.

We should be looking for people who can do management work, like helping people succeed, making decisions and confronting people about their performance and behavior. But we don't and so new managers are not only left to sink or swim, they're invited to take the whole team to the bottom with them.

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