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I agree. Compensation is a field that is too easily enfatuated with the latest new idea, when they do not seem to be able to make existing programs work well.

For example, they and their constituents struggle over basic issues in performance management as if the concept was discovered yesterday--how many ratings to use in performance evaluations, the need for differentiating pay increases for high and average performers, and they need research to tell them that supervisors have the greatest difficulty in performance mnanagement with evaluating poor performers.



It is unfortunate. Doing the basics well, with discipline and consistency would take most organizations quite far, yet people prefer to chase the latest magic bullet. My theory: Most are unwilling to do the difficult work that the basics require.

Chasing after trends is not a problem unique to compensation. It's the American Way. It's apple pie. Despite all evidence to the contrary American managers still believe that somewhere out there is a magic stone out there. Rub it and workers get happy and profits go through the roof. Now, if I can just find that stone …


You are so, so right!

When will we ever learn?

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