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Your observations agree with what the Hay Group has told me about the growing interest in their point factor job evaluation system. They indicate that people have a need for a structured approach to setting pay rates that is more transparent than the market approach. Also, Japanese and European firms generally like job evaluation plans. One reason is their objectivity.

AB - Frank, the renewed interest that Hay Group is seeing makes sense. Perhaps there is a real renaissance afoot! I also have seen the international interest in job evaluation here on my very own blog - most of the "hits" on job evaluation related posts come from outside the U.S. Thanks, as always, for your comment!


Hi Ann,

Nice report.. i would be more interested in understanding the compensation trends in the UK..

kindly interested you to share any reports that may be available with you. I assure you that whatever has been shared by you will be for my personal use only.


HI Ann,

It will really helpful, if you can share with me further details/ reports on the compensation trends for the UK region..


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