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As one of the aforementioned "Steady Eddies", I can tell you that I understand the business motivation for an enterprise to pay for performance, but those of us in the support categories really would like some recognition too, rather than the standard 3-4% raise. The gap between the "High-Potentials" and "super performers" grows every day.

Not every employee desires to be in management or on the fast track, but that should not relegate a committed steady performer to the dustbin without recognition. There must be some way to recognize those essential cogs in the wheel of any organization.

I love what I do & the people I work with. I just wish that I did not feel like I was recognized as much as the furniture - that is to say "not at all". I may not earn millions, or even thousands, for the company, but I keep things running just like many of my fellow Steady Eddies. After all, someone's got to "keep the light on for you".


To my mind, recognizing and rewarding high performers in support positions should be a priority just like in management or any other type of roles. A great performer can make a big difference in the success of the organization, no matter what role they are in. An organization where only people at the top of the ladder are recognized and rewarded doesn't seem like a place I would want to work.

Thanks for your comment and for making your point - it is an important one.

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