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This sounds like a classic case of sour grapes, where Zingheim and Schuster are upset that worklife programs are getting more attention than their programs, like skill-based pay.

They should use occasions like these to examine their ideas to see why they aren't having more impact in the real world. I have read their books (not this one) and found that they have little in the way of insightful ideas that make a difference.

Did you get any breakthrough ideas from their latest?

AB - No, no breakthrough ideas and, in truth, very little in the way of helpful, practical information. This is the first of their books that I have read and I have to admit that I came away more than a little disappointed.

Yet, I thought that their concept of "best high-performance place to work" had real merit, at least in the way that I look at it - that it is about a mutual, value-creating relationship that features real truth and transparency. That's the reason I featured that particular excerpt (and largely ignored the rest of the book).

Thanks, as always, for your comments!

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