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1. Whatever is on your plate that you most dislike, do it first. You will have to do it eventually, anyway, so why not just get it out of the way and proceed to the more enjoyable aspects of your work. It usually is never as difficult or distasteful as you anticipated and by disposing of it promptly, you become more efficient, happier and avoid all the down time you would otherwise have spent in misery, dreading the prospect. Think it's one of my Brennan's Laws.

2. Reviewing all those past articles, reminds me that finance deals with money and wants to control everything dealing with money, which invariably leads them to the major expense item called "human talent." But would you let your banker run your business? It may happen, anyway, if you don't understand money matters and the basics of finance. They don't have to understand HR but (unfortunately) you have to understand their language and perspective.

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